Hi there, and welcome to my site! My name is Edward Bergersen, but you can call me Coach Eddie.

I’m a trainer and physiotherapist who believes in a science-based, no nonsense approach to physical development, and I want to share my continually evolving thought process on this blog.


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I seek to try and merge what is inherently good for us as humans beings, with what we find fun and meaningful. I don’t believe in fancy diets or overly complicated workout systems. While I occasionally delve into more complex and theoretical discussions regarding the human body, this is mainly for pleasure and a deeper understanding. In reality, maintaining a high level of fitness and health is about making simple choices and engraining good habits. You don’t have to choose between being incredibly fit and miserable, or fat and happy. Somewhere in the middle is where you want to aim. If I were to summarise my philosophy in a few points it would be as follows:

  • Strength-train hard, but infrequently.
  • Play and move around frequently.
  • Find an endurance (cardio) activity you enjoy that isn’t too hard on your joints and do it in nature, and preferably with friends and family.
  • The healthiest foods are often the simplest, most natural one’s. Eat lots of those.
  • That being said, food is an amazing cultural, emotional, and social experience. It’s not just fuel. Eat what makes you happy.
  • If you are fat, eat less and move more.
  • If you are skinny, eat more and lift weights.
  • Your best weight is the one you feel best at.
  • Pain is not dangerous, it’s a close friend that tells you how to best use your body.
  • Try to relax your mind and reduce worrying. It will do more for your health than a thousand “detox” smoothies.
  • Every morning, practice gratitude. It’s the best form of meditation.

There you have it. I try my best to practice these ideas in my daily life. Is it always perfect? Not at all, but I keep trying, and the most important part is that I have a lot of fun doing it.

If you’re interested I’ve added some details about my experience and background below, as well as contact details if you’d like to hire my services, or if you would just like to connect and discuss exercise, physiotherapy, or life.



I’m 32 years old and originally from Norway, but I am also half Filipino. I am currently based in Switzerland. After high school, I attended The University of Nottingham to study Business Management and thoroughly enjoyed it, but when I was finished I realised I wanted to pursue my passion in health and fitness. I moved back to Norway where I trained as a physiotherapist and got a wide range of experience in many fields, from sports medicine to paediatrics.

During this time I also worked in the fitness industry, as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer, and loved it so much I decided to dedicate the majority of my time to it. My focus is exercise prescription and movement therapy. I believe exercise is not only helpful, but an absolute necessity in order to live a long and healthy life with optimal function. I’m also passionate about helping people get out of pain and I believe that movement is one of the greatest antidotes for muscle and joint dysfunction.



I’m not a big believer in certificates and past achievements, as I think people lean on them too much instead of being the best they can be now. That being said, here are a few of mine.

  • B.S. in Physiotherapy, Oslo and Akershus University College
  • B.A. Management Studies, University of Nottingham
  • Steve Maxwell Certified kettlebell instructor, bodyweight strength instructor, and mobility instructor.
  • 1 year of coaching and mentorship under Steve Maxwell, globally recognised fitness coach and educator.
  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)
  • Neuromuscular Reprogramming practitioner
  • Mulligan joint mobilizations practitioner
  • Ambassador for Varier Furniture

I’m currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, at Funcwork, a cool studio that does personal training and semi-private coaching.



If you would like to hire my services or are just up for a chat email me at:

  • coach.eddie.online@gmail.com

If you live in central Geneva and want to train with me at Funcwork, email me at:

  • eddie@funcwork.com




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